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Online Skills Assessment

EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) required a browser based tool to enable them to establish what level of competence staff have using desktop products. The results enabled EECA to provide targeted training and make staff less reliant on the help desk for everyday tasks.

In the first instance the tool was to be used for current staff, to be followed by a training project which addresses the identified training needs. On an ongoing basis the tool would be used during the induction process, to identify and address any skill gaps new staff members have.

This site is driven by a an access database, which can be accessed to print out a number of reports as required.


Features of this development include:

A Maintence page showing people which tests have been completed and the scores they achieved

A multichoice set of questions to test knowledge

A maintenance page so the administrator can enter, and edit staff details

A question maintenance page to the administrator to enter, and edit questions