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Word Templates
Let us do the time consuming layout, design and graphics for you. You can concentrate on content and fill in the blanks. The best way to use a Word template is as the basis for new documents. For example, you might create an invoicing template that employees could use to create customer invoices. When users create a new document based on the template, some of the information is available to them already — the name of your company, the date, and so on. All they must do is enter the customer name and the items purchased.

Long Document Formatting
Do you need to deliver a long document in a short timeframe? You concentrate on the content and we will do the styles, headers and foolters, table of contents, tables, tabs etc.

Excel Automation
Do you find yourself wasting time performing the same tasks daily, weekly or monthly? Ask us about how we can turn this task into a quick job that is activated by just a few clicks of the mouse.

Data Analysis
This service is ideal for projects that you are under the gun to finish or for one-time processing of information.

Some of the Custom Data Analysis Services provided by us include:
* Match and combine data records from different sources
* Emergency re-creation of a file needed for go-live of a new system
* Segregate data into regional workbooks for distribution
* Separate out long codes into parts

* Create pivot tables and graphs from tables of information
* Develop custom macros to quickly process and analyse data

Database development
Are you overwhelmed by the large quantities of data that need to be tracked in your organisation? Perhaps you’re currently using a paper filing system, text documents or a spreadsheet to keep track of your critical information. If you’re searching for a more flexible data management system, a database might be just the salvation you’re looking for. Let us work with you in any of the following stages of development:

* define
* develop
* support

Let us take your company online so you can reap the benefits of having a online presence. If you are looking to communicate to your clients and to new clients, the Internet is the best way to reach massive groups of people. From initial web site design, ongoing website development, web marketing we will provide advice and support throughout the process to ensure you make realistic, effective decisions.

Online Surveys
Each online survey is customized to meet your needs. We work closely with you to develop the quickest and most complete study possible. Advantages of using an Online Survey are as folllows:

  • Users are guided through the survey as quickly as possible, resulting in an increased completion rate.
  • No data entry required. Our online survey system eliminates data entry and the error rate associated with it.
  • Increased response rate. Online surveys are less intrusive than those conducted with traditional methods, so respondents are more apt to complete an online survey than a telephone or paper survey. Invitations may be emailed to potential respondents.
  • Required Fields. Minimize non-response error by requiring responses to questions you specify.

see example survey

 Agriculture ITO 

We took Agriculture ITO's current certificates database and worked with them to remodel it. We were involved in the Define, Develop and Support phases and provided training during each stage to allow Ag ITO staff to manage the database on an ongoing basis.



 Summerfruit NZ  

We took Summerfruit NZ's existing database and worked with them to create a new design which would allow them to retrieve the required information with ease. We then recreated all of their forms and reports around the new design as well as training on writing their own reports.

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 The Training Line 

Training Line wanted a clean, simple site which could grow over time.

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 Meridian Energy  

Meridian Energy required an intranet-based application that would act as a post training reference tool and also a stand alone resource for their project management guidelines. Meridian had written the material and we worked with them to convert it for online use.

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