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Training Needs Analysis

Assess your needs to provide the right training to the right people.

The key is to seek the gap between the current skill level and the desired skill level and then to focus resources where they're most needed.

A needs analysis answers the questions who, what, when, and where but not how, that is, the target audience (who needs to be trained), the task or content (what needs to be taught) and the context or training environment (where and when the training needs to be conducted)

One 2 One training has delivered the Training Needs Analysis using methods such as:

  • Online needs analysis via a quesionnarie - delivering results directly into a database fot analysis
  • Online self assessment of skill levels - delivering results via email
  • Paper and email based questionnaires
  • One 2 One interviews and skill assessments - having staff complete activities to show competence

Courseware Development

Customised training solutions—delivered efficiently—to meet your IT and business challenges.

  • A full solution to your training content needs that includes planning, development, and delivery.
  • Conversion of your content to any delivery method—Classroom training, Online delivery, One 2 One Sessions, on the job training
  • Analysis of your existing training and how it maps to your current needs.
  • The complete creation of sound content, assessment testing and a complete learning program.

Creating content from scratch or converting it from one format to another can be a time intensive, detail-oriented process. Why not leave this task to the courseware development experts at One 2 One Training? Through years of experience, we have perfected this process. The benefit of our experience will not only save you headaches, it will also save you time and money. We have the ability to analyse your existing training, assess how it maps to the required skills, and design and develop your course.

In addition, One 2 One Training also provides you with the ability to deliver your training in multiple delivery formats.

Train the Trainer

For those who want to take their own courses in-house.

One 2 One Training works with companies who want to deliver training programs by integrating them into their organisational culture and training plan. We can be involved in selecting appropriate staff, desiging a tailored "Train the Trainer" package that included both instruction in the required content area and training techniques. If required One 2 One Training will monitor the new trainees "pilot" deliveries and provide feedback.

Typical "Train the Trainer" packages include a Train the trainer skill development guide, trainer's guide, presentation materials, a participants manual, pre- and post-training supportive educational materials and evaluation instruments.

Skill Check

Test for the skills you need more quickly and effectively than before with skill assessment solutions from One 2 One Training

One 2 One Training has assessed professionals for activities like recruitment, employee skill evaluation, and designing the right training programs.

Whether you are looking for standardised or customised assessment solutions for your hiring and training needs, One 2 One Training has the products, experience and technology to help you meet your goals.

Testing must be accurate, flexible and available for PC, network or Internet deployment.

"If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!"





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